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  • When I’m connected to WIFI Extender it says no internet.
    You have this issue because of a mistake in your password. Please reset your device and setup it up again. Double-check the password! It's case-sensitive.
  • After I installed the Extender, which area will be the best to have it?
    The recommended is between the main router and the area affected by the low signal.
  • Does the Extender work with 5g?
    Yes, Extender work with 5G.
  • I tried to open your IP address but it says no internet or page error.
    Make sure you are connected to the WIFI Extender network before open the IP.
  • Which device is recommended for installing the Extender?
    The best way to set up the extender it’s using your phone.
  • How do I reset the Extender?
    Use the included PIN TOOL to reset the Extender by pressing the RESET button for 10 seconds. The Extender will reboot within 1 minute.
  • I installed the Extender but is not accepting my password.
    The extender is cap sensitive, please make sure during the installation to write down the password properly right.
  • Which device is recommendable to install the Extender?
    Cellphone will be the easiest way to install the extender.
  • I installed the Extender, but it not accepting my password.
    Please reset your Extender and try to set up it one more time. If you have the same issue, please call to us, or send a message via online chat or via email
  • I tried to open your IP address, but it says no internet or page error.
    Please open your Wi-Fi settings and check your network. You need to be connected to the Extender network, not to the main router or mobile internet network! You will have a “no internet” connection near the network “Wi-Fi Extender”, but it’s correct! Until you finish setup, the network will be without internet. NOTE: You can’t connect to the IP or site, when you have an internet connection because this is not an internet page, but the setting page of your Extender. REMEMBER! If you open a site and, after a few steps, someone asks for credit card information, please close this site and contact our support using phone, online chat, or email! We do not offer any additional payment service!
  • Does the Extender work with 5G?
    No, the Extender only operates in the 2.4GHz band.
  • After I install the Extender, which area will be the best to have it?
    The Extender should be halfway between the Wi-Fi Router and the area with poor signal coverage. The Extender must receive a good signal from the Wi-Fi Router.
  • When I’m connected to Wi-Fi Extender, it says no internet.
    This issue you have is because of the wrong password. Even if you are sure about the correct password, please reset your device and set it up again. NOTE: Check your password a few times! It’s CASE-SENSITIVE! Many phones use a first capital letter as a default, so please check if all letters are the same as your main router password!
  • I can’t see Wi-Fi Extender in my network list.
    Please press the RESET button (big button on the top of the device) for 15 seconds, and wait 30 seconds. Then check the network list one more time.
  • How do I reset the Extender?
    To reset the extender, press the WPS button for 10-15 seconds to restore factory settings. The WiFi SSID of the wifi extender will be “Wi-Fi Extender” after restoring successfully. Then set up again from the beginning.
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